Ghost hunting

Ghost hunts are something that some people have a real passion for. Some do it alone and others find a ghost hunt/paranormal company to help them go on a group outing. Read on for some helpful tips for a great ghost hunt, whether you’re doing it in an organised or impromptu fashion.


There are buildings and locations with a rich past steeped in ghost sightings and paranormal activity. Finding out all you can about these places can help you plan a great event.

Research can reveal the types of sightings and activities that have happened, help you plan the timing around times of year, moon phases, times of day or night, and can help you know what to look for.


Ghost hunts can really provide an adrenalin rush. Safety needs to be a priority, though because the excitement can lead to injuries and mayhem if you’re not prepared. Here are some tips for planning an event that’s safe:

Stay together. If you’re travelling in a group, don’t be on your own. Groups of two or three or more can ensure that people stay safe.
Know your terrain. If you’re travelling in the dark and outdoors, you’ll want to be sure you understand what you’re going to come up against with respect to landscape and / or outdoor barriers and obstacles so that no one gets injured.
Be prepared with things such as: flash lights, walkie talkies, a first-aid kit, proper clothing for the elements, cameras, and refreshments.
Consider getting some help. You can’t plan for everything but planning and expertise can make the event a success. You can find paranormal experts who are well versed at leading group ghost hunts. They’ll have equipment that can help detect paranormal activity as well as possess knowledge that can provide you with information about the locale that can help add suspense and excitement to the event.

Some ghost hunters love going off on their own to explore. What many, who are new to the experience find, is that their first hunt – if led by a ghost hunting event planner – can be exciting and fun and help them develop a new hobby.

There’s always the possibility that your hunt won’t net the results you are hoping for but half the fun exists around the planning and execution of the event. Hopefully your group consists of enthusiastic and curious people who will make the event a fun one. Whether you’re a skeptic or a firm believer that buildings and places can be haunted and that we’re not alone in the world, a well-planned event surrounding a historical place that has had ghost-sightings can be a great and memorable adventure. We recommend really haunted, been on a few events with this company and always had a great time.